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NGRREC’s Field Station Bursts with Backyard Biodiversity

Some of you readers may know that I work for Lewis and Clark Community College at the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) in East Alton, Illinois (Figure 1). If you’ve been reading for a little while, it … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of Moths

I am sorry to everyone for the late post. Things at NGRREC are really picking up, and we are going into a very busy part of the year. From now on, we’ll only be posting one blog on the first … Continue reading

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Creating a Buzz about the Sweet Lives of Honeybees

I remember going out on sunny days and watching bees fly in and out of their hive; legs heavy with orange, yellow, red, or white pollen (Figure 1). If you haven’t guessed, our post today is about honeybees. Honeybees (Apis … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Non-native Kind

Let’s talk about plant invasions. You know the story. Spores of alien plants fall to Earth in meteors. The terrifying plants then stalk and attack mankind (Figure 1). Well, okay. Our plants are not from outer space, and they don’t … Continue reading

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Wading through the Grass in The Prairie State

You may have heard Illinois called The Prairie State. Historically, Illinois was 60% prairie1 (Figure 2), and you have probably heard it referred to as tall grass prairie (Figure 1). But, that’s where things can get a little messy. There are … Continue reading

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Oh, the Flowers You’ll Grow!

Who doesn’t love the American dream of a lush, green lawn? But, did you know you can use native grasses and flowering plants to bring unique variety and beauty to your home? (Figure 1) Taking care of flower gardens and … Continue reading

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The March of Wildflowers

Spring is here! Can I get a sigh of relief? If you want to celebrate spring’s arrival, what better way than experiencing some of our native wildflowers? The woods, wetlands, and grasslands are full of color as the world around us … Continue reading

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