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Getting the Low Down on Salamanders

When you first see a salamander, you might mistake it for a lizard, but these guys are not reptiles. They are amphibians like frogs and toads. They have long bodies with very smooth skin, and species may have only 2 … Continue reading

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Recognizing Our Native Unstung Heroes

When you hear the word “bee,” I bet you think of the fuzzy, honey-making honeybee. But did you know that we have many different native species of bees here in the Midwest and around the country? In fact, there are … Continue reading

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The March of Wildflowers

Spring is here! Can I get a sigh of relief? If you want to celebrate spring’s arrival, what better way than experiencing some of our native wildflowers? The woods, wetlands, and grasslands are full of color as the world around us … Continue reading

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