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NGRREC’s Field Station Bursts with Backyard Biodiversity

Some of you readers may know that I work for Lewis and Clark Community College at the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) in East Alton, Illinois (Figure 1). If you’ve been reading for a little while, it … Continue reading

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Recognizing Our Native Unstung Heroes

When you hear the word “bee,” I bet you think of the fuzzy, honey-making honeybee. But did you know that we have many different native species of bees here in the Midwest and around the country? In fact, there are … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Non-native Kind

Let’s talk about plant invasions. You know the story. Spores of alien plants fall to Earth in meteors. The terrifying plants then stalk and attack mankind (Figure 1). Well, okay. Our plants are not from outer space, and they don’t … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves: the latest in fall fashion

This time of year, you hopefully admire the changing colors. Deep greens are turning into vibrant reds, flaming oranges, golden yellows and dusky browns. (See Figure 1) Personally, it’s one of my favorite seasons. But, have you ever wondered what … Continue reading

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Oh, the Flowers You’ll Grow!

Who doesn’t love the American dream of a lush, green lawn? But, did you know you can use native grasses and flowering plants to bring unique variety and beauty to your home? (Figure 1) Taking care of flower gardens and … Continue reading

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