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Hang Out with Guest Blogger Rob Mies and Help Save the Bats

Well I am excited to introduce our guest blogger, Rob Mies, the Founder and Executive Director of Organization for Bat Conservation. He is an exciting and adventurous scientist, conservationist, TV personality and animal expert, whose passion is educating and entertaining … Continue reading

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Batty for Bats!

Ask someone what animal they are afraid of, and you run a pretty good chance they will say bats. Why not? They are mean and bite people. Right? Well, no. Actually, they are pretty awesome. Myth 1: All bats have … Continue reading

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Darters: Little Fish, Big Personality

Many people are familiar with the Walleye, Yellow Perch and Sauger, but may not know about their smaller relatives, the Darters. Darters are often mistaken for young sport fish, but most of these little guys don’t get much bigger than … Continue reading

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The Illinois Barn Owl Recovery Plan: Q and A with Dr. Angelo Capparella

Last month we learned about how fantastic owls are. Their diversity, anatomy and natural history are simply amazing. This post will finish off that topic with our first question and answer session with Dr. Angelo Capparella, who is an Associate … Continue reading

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Owls: Part One

Owls are an incredible group of birds. They have forward facing eyes that are fixed in their sockets and cannot move like ours. In order to look around they can swivel their heads 270 degrees (See figure 1). Some species … Continue reading

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